History of ILS

There are three of us in this group practice, Dr. Sarah Kallick, Mr. James O’Keefe, and Dr. Larry Craven. We first met over 20 years ago while working at Ravenswood Mental Health Center in Chicago. Over time we recognized that we all had the caring for, and dedication to our clients and this mutual respect soon turned into friendship.

We worked there together for many years but were increasingly unhappy with how much of our time was spent in administrative tasks not directly related to helping our clients; In addition, there were many rules and procedures which dictated how we could practice. At times these rules conflicted with our vision of how clients deserve to be treated.

Eventually we realized that creating a private practice group would provide us the freedom and opportunity to realize that vision and so in 1999 Integrated Life Services was formed. Our goal was to give all of our clients the absolute highest level of responsiveness and service along with excellent clinical care. end